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Gifts for kids Maker Maker Hasbro exposed at least a part of the mother's mother of his crossover prepared with cartoon bands that can include a mash-up between the X-Adult and Hasbro men's transformers. Marvel. As part of Hasbro Transformers, a distinctive line of toy and crossover games, many of which have included accompanying comics, the Toymaker will release a new transformer doll on features the X-adult men's theme theme known under the Name of Supreme X-Spans, using Men X-Adult: The Cartoon Sequence Version of the Blackbird Blackbird Blackbird Aircraft of the X-Male. "The worlds face this packet of transformers-X-Adult men! The X-Adult Men's Aircraft X-Adult Cartoon Sequence has become a transformer software, named Supreme X-Spanse! " Reads the official description of Hasbro. "Unlike sentinels, this software can be the number one ultimate mutant. This amount is transformed by plane Lockheed Martin Certified in 34 shares and has decoration and details encouraged by the male x-adult cartoon sequence", it carries . "This amount comes with small digits of Wolverine and SabreTooth that can ride in the figure in both methods and three energy explosion effects: claw and decrease effects to attach to the figure fingers in the software function with An influence of feeling to attach a small amount of Wolverine. " As indicated, the largest amount of the X-Spanse transformer also includes two small figures of the famous man of men's X-adult men, Wolverine and Sabretooth. Supreme X-Spanse appears 8. 5 inches in height and involves many energy effects clicking on the click. It comes in packaging using the type of toys and men's games X-adult of Toybiz's 90s. Unlike some previously collaborative Mash-United Service transformers, transformers / X-Adult men Crossover do not include the introduced comics.

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