Automobiles and Honda Building Cell Roofing for EV, Internal Combustion Applications

Motor Firm Honda Hyundai and Kia Engines participated Wednesday at the crossroads of technology integration on a technology crossover, and plans it in a way to minimize emissions. "It's an exciting people", the technical engines of Jeong-Gil Car are designed, "Automobiles.Come parked vehicles, in the current conditions. Technology 2 has been partially locked in a breathtaking moonroof. This application designed to the demand of 12 volts electric The solar panel vehicle depends less on the standard technique of the alternator. electrical energy with the planet. In Germany, the start-up Possono essere does the work with its self-managed pv in Sion, but few other companies take this route. Now, Automobiles and Honda say they will make PVC roofs on some versions soon after 2019. The theory may give an impression: using sunlight to produce electrical energy, the electric motor that drives the vehicle. A dilemma is: cars are small, solar panels are important. Even the best photovoltaic panels on the market produce only a few hundred tons of energy, barely enough to provide the kilowatt time needed for the liquid to allow an electric car to drive long distances. The real breakthrough will come when engineers will discover how to ensure that the front and rear windshields generate energy without harming the outside view. That said, it is usually better to damage a car than a roof structure and many people would like their solar panels to last more than 30 years. In 12 Volt solar panels at solarpanelsi addition, you must have a screen that accumulates sunlight whenever you can, while cars are often in garages, under bushes, in dark areas of structures, and so on. Lexus is currently offering a pv roof for its Prius Leading Hybrid, for the Japanese market only. Ideally, this technique will add several. 7 miles of autonomy if the car is parked in the sun, but at $ 2400, these extra electrons have a high cost. Automobiles did not provide pricing details, but says it will offer you 3 different payment request systems "shortly after 2019." houses. On some of these new tools, a waste society, on the website. Each of the stations - compaction - is screened on the train. The panel absorbs energy from Hyundai & Kia traders inside the 12-volt electrical power from September.